Dear New Dad . . .

Hey there, new Dad! Congratulations on your little one! Now, down to business! Take a look at my logo: Do you see the two hands, holding up Mom and baby? You are those hands.

I get it all during pregnancy and the birth of your baby, nobody really considered you and you may feel invisible and out of place. Now that baby is here, you have no idea what to do or what's even expected of you. I've put together a little cheat sheet for you:

Even just a, "Hey, let me take care of the baby while you ________________, I've got everything covered here" can go a long way! Give her the time she needs to take care of herself. 

What about that new mom who doesn't let her husband do anything, declines his help every time even while healing from a C-section, and likes to do things HER way (that would be me)? For example, I was a stickler for the way my baby's laundry was done, folded, and put away - I was obsessed with keeping his drawers organized. I didn't really want my husband doing our son's laundry even though he was perfectly capable and willing. Sometimes, the greatest gift is the time and space for a new mom to get whatever she wants done and done the way she wants it while not having to worry about the baby for a little bit.

Sure, your partner may decline your help and want to handle everything herself. However, you are not off the hook! Food, drink, and most chores don't require a conversation or permission, so especially in those early days and weeks, have at it. The point I'm trying to make here is, don't just let her take care of you, the baby, and the house because she'll do it. Let's remember, she has sacrificed a lot of herself through pregnancy and birth, so help her out. Trust me, you'll benefit too!