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Crystal Griffin, CLC

Certified Lactation Counselor 


Does breastfeeding hurt?

Do you have nipple pain or damage?

Are you experiencing clogged ducts or mastitis?

Is baby having trouble latching?

Is baby slow to gain weight?

Are you supplementing with formula?

Are you pumping?

Are you returning to work?

This feels hard because it is hard!

I can help you!

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After having my son, I was so happy, but the postpartum period was much harder than I ever expected. My own breastfeeding journey did not start out the way I had hoped, and I was so close to quitting. But with the right support and information, it got better and so much easier. Together, we can problem solve and find the best way to help you reach your own feeding goals and receive all the benefits breastfeeding offers you and your family. 

I am certified through the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice and am serving families in Massachusetts. 

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Learn and Latch Package

One prenatal education session (1 hours)

One in-home lactation session (1.5 hours)

Two follow up sessions (1 hour each)

Unlimited email, text, call, or video support

Stand Alone or Add-On Services (Build your own package)

Prenatal education session (1 hours)

Initial in-home lactation session (1.5 hours)

Follow up sessions (1 hour)

Unlimited email, text, call, or video support